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Monday, 1 July 2024

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Point Of Care (POC) Ultrasound Workshop

Thursday, 25 July
08h00 – 12h00

Welcome to the Paediatric Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) Workshop, designed to equip healthcare professionals with essential ultrasound skills tailored for paediatric patients. This workshop is structured to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience, ensuring participants gain exposure in using ultrasound as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in various paediatric settings.

Workshop Modules

  1. Introduction and Principles of PoCUS
    • Gain a foundational understanding of the principles and applications of Point of Care Ultrasound in paediatric care. This module covers the basics of ultrasound physics, the advantages of PoCUS in clinical practice, and an overview of its diverse applications in paediatric medicine.
  2. Image Acquisition and Optimisation
    • Master the techniques of acquiring high-quality ultrasound images. This module focuses on the correct use of ultrasound equipment, probe selection, image orientation, and tips for optimizing image quality to ensure accurate diagnosis.
  3. Abdominal PoCUS
    • Learn to perform and interpret abdominal ultrasound scans in paediatric patients. This module covers the identification of key abdominal structures and the use of PoCUS in emergency abdominal assessments.
  4. Basic Lung PoCUS
    • Develop the skills to assess lung conditions using ultrasound. Participants will learn to identify normal lung anatomy, recognize signs of common pulmonary conditions such as pneumonia, pleural effusion, and pneumothorax, and understand the role of lung PoCUS in respiratory distress management.
  5. Basic Echocardiography
    • Explore the fundamentals of paediatric echocardiography. This module introduces basic cardiac anatomy, techniques for obtaining standard echocardiographic views, and the identification of common cardiac pathologies. Participants will learn how to utilize PoCUS for rapid cardiac assessment in critical care scenarios.

Join Us

This workshop is designed for paediatricians, emergency medicine physicians, general practitioners, and healthcare providers involved in paediatric care. By the end of the program, participants will have gained the confidence to incorporate PoCUS into their clinical practice, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

Vascular Access Workshop

Thursday, 25 July
13h00 – 17h00

Join us for an exciting afternoon where we explore practical aspects of peripheral and central vascular access in children, focusing on ultrasound-guided techniques. We will cover peripheral vascular access – forearm, upper arm and saphenous. And central access in the neck – internal jugular vv. Pre-course material will need to be accessed and learning completed prior to the workshop, to optimise the learning experience on the day.

POC Ultrasound  & Vascular Access Workshops

Thursday, 25 July
08h00 – 17h00
R1 000

Kindly note that Workshop Only Registration excludes access to the Conference. Should you wish to attend both the workshop and conference kindly register via the Main Registration Page