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Emerging Researchers Workshop

Despite increasing clinical burdens and limited support, the pressure to engage in research activities is growing. Whether you are a clinician or a researcher or a strange hybrid animal, this workshop will help you map a path through the quagmire of clinical research. This workshop is aimed at clinicians who have an interest in research and those who want to communicate their research to others. We aim to give some simple tools to show that research and scientific writing is easier than you think and more fun than you can imagine. We also map out a path to clinical work and research in the digital era.

Emerging researchers may be young medical professionals, at the very start of their careers, with an interest in research. They may be mid-career clinicians who are feeling the need for some brain-stretching exercises or want to branch out into research. There is no age-limit – you may be retiring from clinical practice and want some inspiration to write up those cases you’ve never had the time to focus on.

We help demystify research and scientific writing. Join us for a mind-boggling experience!

Paediatric Multi-disciplinary Programme

Enhancing holistic care of children with chronic, rare and/or life-threatening illnesses is something we all aspire to. The reality is that most medical care in hospitals is led by doctors and the multi-disciplinary team approach is unusual. Our mult-idisciplinary day aims to showcase the many talents and different approaches of people who form vital parts of the team and demonstrate the powerful contribution they make to increasing survival and quality of life. Join us to learn how to function in a true multi-disciplinary team, to learn about amazing resources right on your doorstep and network with professionals from other fields.

Every talk in this session is aimed at meeting the needs of patients with rare, chronic or life-threatening diseases, to enhance their experience and improve adherence, which will improve outcomes. From navigating the journey, to partnering with health professionals, developing resilience and inter-species co-operation, you will learn techniques to deal with illness from both a patient and a health-provider perspective. The valued place of all members of the team will be highlighted in this multi-faceted, inspirational day. This day is for volunteers, patients, caregivers, health professionals and others. It will be interactive and diverse, and you will walk away with new perspectives.